Why You Shouldn’t Trade in Your Old Game Systems

Old Game Systems Still Work

Old Game Systems Still Work

Those trade-in deals at Game Stop and other retailers who are well-known for selling video game systems can look pretty appealing when the newest release is out and you’re hard-up for money. When it can knock as much as $150 – $200 off of the price of a new console, it seems like a great idea to bring in your old but still functioning and newly obsolete system to participate in their trade-in program, but believe it or not it isn’t really the best of ideas! There are a lot of reasons you might want to hold onto that system, and besides, when it comes to the first wave of a new video game console, it’s better to wait anyway. Sometimes the first shipments of the console still have a few bugs that can be pretty annoying to deal with so it’s better to wait a month or two to make sure they have all of the kinks ironed out.

Lack of Backwards Compatibility

You Might Loose Those Old Games For Ever

You Might Loose Those Old Games Forever

Some video game consoles, at least the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox 360, used to be backwards compatible, but now that that feature has been removed in the newest generation of the consoles it’s no longer worthwhile to get rid of your old gaming systems. The lack of backwards compatibility means that once you get rid of a gaming system, you lose the capability to play that game unless you’re lucky enough and the game you want has been put on whatever online store the console uses. Unfortunately, many PS2 games haven’t yet made their way to the PlayStation network and the same goes for many GameCube titles haven’t yet made it to the Wii online store. You don’t want to get rid of the only way you have to play a game and sit around waiting for a time when it might hopefully show up for download and then you have the unfortunate side effect of, you know, having to buy it again.

Not Worth the Money

More often than not, trading in your old video game systems just isn’t worth the money. Giving them to a place like Vintage Stock will hardly get you a fraction of what of what you originally paid for the system and is sadly usually a fraction of what the system’s actual worth is at the time. Even selling it straight to another person secondhand usually doesn’t make it worth the money. Because you’re usually forced to undersell the system because you want people to buy it and they just have to take your word for it in regards to what the current quality of the system is, you end up losing out on so much money that you’re better off losing out on the $100 you might be making in a best-case scenario and keeping your system.

Keep Your Old Video Game Systems

Keep Your Old Video Game Systems

Basically, you should keep your old video game systems just to have them. If you have the storage space it’s a great idea to keep them even if they aren’t always hooked up. Especially if you have multiple rooms in your house with multiple televisions and you have children or other family members that wouldn’t be upset with inheriting an older, gently used system if it meant they got to have it in their room, it’s a great idea to keep old consoles instead of trading them in or just outright selling them. Even though digital gaming and digital downloads are becoming the more widely accepted way to experience games, nothing beats playing the actual disc on the original console it was meant to be played on. If you’re any sort of nostalgic gamer, keeping your old systems should be a no-brainer.

Green Smoothie Recipes That Rock

Healthy Green Smoothies

Healthy Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are universally loved for making it a snap to get in all the servings of veggies you’re supposed to get a day. If you’ve never had a fondness for the leafy greens then you should definitely be looking for green smoothies to fill in those gaps. Even when they’re blended, tender vegetables have the fiber and vitamins you need to stay healthy without resorting to pills. There are tons of green smoothie recipes out there, but if you understand how they break down you’ll have the building blocks to make your own.

Start With Your Veggies

There are many different vegetables that can be added to green smoothies. The most common one is spinach. Spinach has the perks of being very good for you but still having a mild enough flavor that you can easily cover it. When you make a green smoothie with spinach you can even make it taste like there aren’t any veggies in it at all.

Kale is the second most common green for smoothies. It has a bitterer, heavier flavor than spinach and is difficult to combine with fruit. That’s why it’s typically used in savory green smoothies. You’re not going to be able to just drown it out.

Even though these two greens dominate the green smoothie world, they’re not the only greens who do. You can use collard greens, horse radish leaves (if you want something savory with a bit of kick) and more to flavor up that smoothie for you.

Add Some Herbs

Green Smoothies Taste Delicious If You Find The Right Recipe

Green Smoothies Taste Delicious If You Find The Right Recipe

Once you’ve selected your veggies it’s time to add an extra boost of green. Herbs are often very healthy for you, but don’t always get incorporated into foods. Fresh herbs are best at all times, but for smoothies they are a must. If you’re aiming for something refreshing and neutral, a few sprigs of parsley will brighten up your smoothie. For a heavier flavor, try rosemary. If you’re having a fruit themed green smoothie try adding a few mint leaves. They’ll blend well even with flavors you’re not expecting, like apple.

Fruit Juice Is Good

Fruit juice makes a very good liquid base. You want to be sure that the juice you’re buying isn’t crammed with extra sugars, though. It should be tart enough to cover some of the acidic flavors of the herbs and the greens. "No sugar added" is a good place to start, but for best results you should get all natural, all organic fruit juices from a farmer’s market. You can also juice your own fruit as part of the fresh smoothie experience.

Watch out for Sweetener in Frozen Fruit

Just like you don’t want to use a fruit juice for the base that’s packed with extra sugar, you should also look out for sweetener in your frozen fruits. Fresh fruit is always best, but if you can’t find the right kind of fruit it’s better to have frozen than canned. Always read the labels of the fruit you buy. Even the best kind of frozen fruit that says "no sugar added" on the front mean that they added an artificial sweetener instead. You’re not trying to get healthy just so you can pump your body full of artificial sweetener, so resist this as best you can. You want plain fruit. In time your taste buds will adjust and it will seem sweet to you.

Little Additions: Protein Powder and More

Drink Up! Enjoy And Be Healthy

Drink Up! Enjoy And Be Healthy

Once you’ve worked out the basic recipe you’re going to follow, it’s time to add any extras. If you’re trying to get enough protein in your diet, add a scoop of whey powder to your smoothie. This can also add in a milky flavor that some people really enjoy. You can even take things farther and stir in almond butter, chia seeds, and anything else that will add nutrients while still making your smoothie pop. Remember however that the point of these additions are to make it even healthier.

Why Cubicles Reduce Employee Efficiency

Office Cubicles Are Bad For Business

Office Cubicles Are Bad For Business

Is your company getting ready to set up a new office somewhere? Is your current office setting just not working out like you’d hoped for in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction? You could be facing the same problem in either situation: whether or not to use, or continue to use, the classic cubicle where each employee has their own private workspace out on the office floor. Despite the fact that cubicles have been the office standard for many years now, you might be surprised to find that your employees are likely underperforming compared to what it might be like if you were to completely eliminate cubicles from your office. There are many downsides to using them, and it could be costing your company tons of money in lost productivity and efficiency. Additionally, the morale in your workplace could reach critically low levels when everyone feels like they’re chained to their desks in a cube farm. Here are a few reasons why you should consider eliminating them from your office.

Cubicles Make Your Employees Feel Like Soulless Drones

Increase Employee Satisfaction... Remove The Cubicles

Increase Employee Satisfaction… Remove The Cubicles

For the average employee out on your office floor, trudging in to work day in and day out to sit behind their desk, surrounded by the drab gray of the walls around them, the experience of occupying their cubicle can suck the joy right out of the work they’re doing. Cubicles can make your office personnel feel like they’re little more than a cog in a vast machine that doesn’t care for the conditions they work in. Employees who feel like their company doesn’t care about them are much more likely to produce work of substandard quality, which could translate into lost sales and lost opportunities for you. A more open workplace is conducive to making your personnel feel more like they are part of a team, rather than just an employee number.

They Prevent Your Employees from Communicating Openly

Cubicles were invented in order to minimize the number of distractions that being around other employees on an open floor created, and while they certainly can allow some employees to focus better, cubicles make it very difficult for your personnel to communicate ideas quickly and easily. Wouldn’t you rather have a vibrant office setting where your employees were consistently trading new ideas and methods in order to drive up sales volume or close deals, instead of one where everyone is sitting silently behind their desks? Not only that, but with cubicles in place, it can be a long walk to get to the desk of someone that one particular employee needs to speak to. An open floor makes it much easier for everyone to communicate and function as a single team unit.

It’s Much Easier to Slack Off Privately in a Cubicle

Create An Open And Dynamic Place Of Work

Create An Open And Dynamic Work Place

Even if cubicles were meant to reduce distractions, the fact of the matter is that with the Internet available at every computer in every cubicle, it’s easier than ever for an employee to waste company time doing nothing. Cubicles do afford privacy, but that privacy can easily be abused, and it could be leading to the company losing money or missing out on opportunities the employee is simply ignoring. In a more open office setting without the walls of a cubicle to hide behind, each and every member of your staff can and should be expected to hold each other accountable for the work they do. It’s much harder to waste time by surfing the web and trying to evade the workplace Internet filter when everyone can see what their colleagues are doing. By eliminating your office’s cubicles and restructuring the environment out on the floor, you can boost productivity by ensuring everyone knows they’re expected to work hard as a team.

3 Spending Habits That Will Serve You for the Rest of Your Life

Develop Good Spending Habits

Develop Good Spending Habits

Establishing good spending habits is one of the most important goals you can have and will serve you for the rest of your life. It’s the foundation of getting off to the right start and securing a sound financial future. When you’re trying to plan out your life, thinking about things like a retirement plan and potential home ownership is something you want to tackle early. You shouldn’t wait to start saving for these items, because the earlier you start, the more likely you are to achieve success. It all starts with knowing how to effectively get the most out of the money you spend, though. Here are three tips for establishing healthy spending habits.

Waste Not, Want Not

This old adage is one of the truest and prudent approaches to spending. It’s easy to go overboard and buy things you don’t need. Even worse is when you buy things that then you don’t use. For example, buying something you don’t need is akin to finding a pair of shoes you need, but then instead of just purchasing one pair, you buy five in different colors. This is frivolous spending and should be avoided at all costs. Another example is grocery shopping. Avoid buying perishable items that you’re not going to use. This is more common than you think, and is also the result of poor time management. If you’re not positive you’re going to be cooking with foods like fruits and vegetables, don’t buy it.

A Realistic Weekly Allowance

Established A Weekly Allowance

Established A Weekly Allowance

You might set out to live like a peasant in order to save money, but this isn’t a functional spending allowance. In fact, the most likely result is that you’ll then spend far too much money instead because your initial plan failed. Rather than setting an unreasonable goal, set yourself up with a moderate and balanced expectation. Take into account things like entertainment, grocery shopping, and other odds and ends that you think you’ll need. Try to give yourself the same spending allowance every week and fitting your expenses into it. This will not only help you save money and learn to manage it, but also prevent you from wasting money until it gets to the point where you’re broke.

Budgeting the Right Way

Stop Spending Too Much Money

Stop Spending Too Much Money

Budgeting the right way means creating projections of your financial situation as far into the future as possible. This is easier if you have a full-time job that you expect to keep for a while. Try to balance your actual income against your bills, taking into account when your bills are due each month. You should also account for debt that has higher interest rates or other drawbacks to paying less. If it’s possible, always try to pay over what you owe when it comes to debt, such as credit card balances or student loans. It will help you pay it off faster, and over the long run, save you money. Eliminated debt as fast as possible is the way to go, but don’t go totally broke over it. Always ensure you have a comfortable cushion that your bank balance never goes below.

Bad Ways to Break Up

The Relationship Is Broken... Put An end To It

The Relationship Is Broken… Put An end To It

Breaking up is never a pleasant business, and you probably don’t want to worry about how you’re going to do it when the time comes. You just want to get it over with so you can move on from a bad relationship, and while that is totally understandable, it is also important that you make sure you don’t break up in a way that’s just going to make things worse. You’ve already suffered enough, so you don’t want to deal with a messy situation with an ex. It will just get worse for you if your ex is angry over the way the relationship ended and wants revenge or isn’t satisfied that the relationship is actually over. If you’re in the awkward position of needing to break up with someone, then here are a few methods you should avoid at all costs.

Over Text Message

Breaking Up Over A Text Message Does Not Avoid The Pain

Breaking Up Over A Text Message Does Not Avoid The Pain

Breaking up over text messages might seem easy and relatively pain-free, but trust us when we say that it rarely works out. Sure, it’s easy for you to try to break up with someone over text, but that doesn’t mean that it will actually work out that way. Things are a bit too impersonal and vague over text, which can wind up biting in you in the ass in the long run. You need to be able to explain why you’re ending the relationship in a way that your soon-to-be ex will be able to understand. That usually just is not possible with text messages. There’s too much that is open for interpretation and the last thing you want to wind up with is an angry ex that doesn’t believe the relationship is actually over. Spare yourself that pain and avoid breaking up via text.

Over a Website

Breaking up over Twitter or Facebook is just as bad as breaking up via text message, and for many of the same reasons. First of all, it’s too impersonal and it can also be a public venue in a way, if you aren’t using private messaging. Either way, it’s not good to break up on a website. Obviously your ex can save your messages and use them as blackmail against you, which isn’t a situation you want to be in. plus, it’s too impersonal and that can allow them to interpret your words differently than how you meant them.

With Other People Around

A Public Break Up Is Humiliating

A Public Break Up Is Humiliating

Breaking up in public with other people around is another highly dangerous way to break up. It’s rude and uncomfortable for your ex to be in public when the relationship ends, because it basically humiliates them. This is something you just do not do. It’s a private situation that should be dealt with privately. Do not do this unless you’re really certain that you need the protection of other people around you if you fear your ex is going to become violent. Otherwise, it’s something that you should try to handle as privately as possible and not in front of tons of other people.